Our business idea

PULS shall create a healthy return on investment for its shareholders and together with innovators maximize the value of product ideas in life science, where PULS contributes a clear and commercial entrepreneurship, broad scientific competence and long-term financing.

A bridge between academia and industry

PULS develops life science ideas into attractive business opportunities for the pharma industry by offering long-term financing and world-class scientific and industrial expertise.

We are actively looking for new, projects where our experience of development, management, financial capacity and exit processes of projects together adds value and increases the possibility of success.

We are interested in life science projects with a well-defined medical need, solid scientific evidence and an opportunity for exclusivity on the market. Our main focus is pharmaceuticals, but we are also interested in e-health and drug-like med tech. Our preference is to get involved as the first investor.

To qualify as a PULS project an idea shall contain the following three basic criteria:

  • Medical benefit with significant potential and a clear business opportunity.
  • A strong IP position and patenting opportunity.
  • A clear project objective, reasonably defined in time and money.

We prefer to engage early on with innovators to found a legal entity, ensure an optimal IP strategy and secure a high-quality development process throughout the project. Our involvement in the project development is based on a proven business model securing return on investment.

PULS consists of a highly competent, experienced and efficient operational management team and 33 partners and their network. We secure the ideal infrastructure and mix of competences for each project for the duration of the development – from R&D to commercialization.

Our business objective from the very start is to divest the project, typically in clinical phase, to a pharma company that finalizes the development work and brings the product to the market. The main objective is to maximize, clarify and realize the value of projects by providing capital, knowledge, cost-effective management and a successful exit.

Our track record validates all aspects of our business model that serves both innovators and investors well.

PULS in brief

  Ten companies started since 2002
  Seven out of ten projects brought into clinical phase so far
  Three portfolio companies divested, one of which is listed
  Six ongoing project companies
  40 partners with solid and broad experience and competence
  Virtual, cost-effective organization
  Proven business model with excellent track record
  500 MSEK raised to the project companies and 120 MSEK to PULS
  Headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden, and regional office in Gothenburg