PULS’s main objective is to maximize, clarify and realize the value of project ideas by providing knowledge, capital and cost effective management through a successful exit.

We have expertise throughout the entire value chain, from R&D to commercialization. PULS’s business model is to engage with innovators early on, so as to attain an optimal IP status and high quality development throughout the project.

  • The decision to initiate a project by forming a project company is formally taken by PULS’s board of directors, after a careful evaluation by PULS’s partners.
  • When a project is started, PULS forms a company together with the innovators. The innovators are provided with substantive equity from the start and have a seat on the project company’s board of directors. Prior to project initiation, the innovators and PULS agree on a project plan that includes time limits, a budget and an exit strategy.
  • PULS appoints a project leader/CEO for the portfolio company and provides project management, financing, accounting and administrative support. Innovators are required to take an active role, typically as medical and/or scientific experts.