The operational team

The operational team coordinates evaluations, due diligence, negotiations, investment processes, exit planning, portfolio company support, communications and administration.

Sarah Fredriksson - CEO

PhD and M.Sc. from Lund University. CEO of P.U.L.S. AB. She has a background as founder and CEO of Genovis AB (listed on First North, Nasdaq OMX Nordic) and most recently CEO of Edvince AB. Currently board member of LU Holding and SwedenBio and other board member assignments in the life science sector as well as of Sparbankstiftelsen Skånes Riskkapitalstiftelse. Former board member of AcuCort AB.

Mats Ardevall - Vice President, CFO

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management. He has since 1984 worked in the pharma and POC diagnostic industry in various positions within Finance, most recently as CFO/Director of Finance of HemoCue.

Susanna Dahlgren - Senior Project Leader

PhD in clinical immunology from Karolinska Institutet and B.Sc. in microbiology from Stockholm University. She has robust experience from project management, medical & scientific affairs, scientific communications and market intelligence. Most recently she held the Global Market Intelligence Manager position at Polypeptide Group and previously international senior positions with ALK in Denmark and AstraZeneca.

Björn Dellgren - Vice President, New Project Investments

M.Sc.(BA). Former Partner at BankInvest, Denmark and has worked with international biotech venture investments and fund management since 2000. Previous Director of Business Development at Pharmacia and various international positions in sales, marketing and business management at Pharmacia and the American pharmaceutical company, Lederle. Currently board member of Cernelle AB and previous board member of CMC Biologics, Denmark. Project leader of Adenovir Pharma AB.

Carina Eldh - Director, Finance & Administration

Financial and administrative support for PULS and its portfolio companies since 2011. Accountant with 20 years of experience in accounting, auditing and taxation matters. Previous positions at KPMG and other accounting firms, the Swedish Tax Agency and Öresundskraft.

Fredrik Lindgren - Vice President, Chief Business Officer

PhD, M.Sc. in chemistry from Umeå University. He has a background in the pharmaceutical industry with key positions in the area of business development processes at AstraZeneca and Umetrics AB among others. Most recently, he held the position Senior Director, Head of Global Business Development at LEO Pharma.

Jeanette Robertsson - Vice President, Chief Development Officer

PhD, M.Sc. in Pharm. followed by post-doc studies in the U.S. She has gained broad experience from key international positions as medical director, project management of drug development and head of clinical trials in the pharma industry; Novartis, Perstorp Pharma, Searle Scandinavia, Tigran Technologies and CDC. Currently project leader of Laccure AB, Trophea AB and Belina Pharma AB. Board member of Glactone Pharma AB.

Jan Törnell - Chief Medical Scientist

MD, PhD, Former global Vice President Strategy, AstraZeneca Oncology & Infection. Professor, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. Chairman of Glactone Pharma AB and LIDDS AB. Board Director of Diaprost AB and NeuroVive Pharmaceuticals AB. Innovator in Trophea AB.