In order to start projects and take them all the way from the very start throughout a successful exit, we depend on having the right people in the right roles and at the right time. PULS is organized to represent all of the necessary skills and competences of an innovative, world-class pharmaceutical company.

We select individuals with outstanding professional qualifications and personal characteristics. Creative, innovative, demonstrated drive, integrity, willingness to succeed and good networking skills are characteristics that we highly value. Only those who match the outlined criteria become a PULS partner, board member, or a member of the operational team.

The partner network reflects the expertise necessary to ensure optimal project development and exit.

PULS’s board consists of a balanced team with competence and experience from leading academic positions, but also members with extensive industrial and business background, as well as legal and financial expertise.

The operational management team is responsible for coordinating evaluations, due diligence, negotiations, investment processes, exit planning, portfolio company support and administration.