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Do you have a unique idea that you truly believe in? If so, don’t hesitate to contact PULS. 

We prefer to get involved at an early stage so get in touch with us, the earlier the better, to avoid missing out on a project opportunity.

We offer a third party objective and highly qualified opinion based on our robust and broad experience in evaluating life science ideas from discovery throughout the entire value chain to commercialization.

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The process

PULS develops the innovator’s idea into an innovative product that meet unmet medical needs and creates business opportunities.

PULS does not force the innovator or researcher to become an entrepreneur. We quite simply allow each individual to do what he or she is best at.

Three good reasons to choose PULS

Best track record!
At PULS, you get the best conditions to get your idea realized. PULS has a proven business model that gives your idea a high probability of success.

No surprises!
The goal of the project and its long-term financing are set from the very start which enable full insight in the project plan.

Do your thing!
At PULS, you can focus on your research – not on the entrepreneurship – since PULS has a proven process management model that takes your idea from start to finish.

Our strategy and business model

PULS turns life science ideas into attractive business opportunities that serve both the innovator and investor well. We maximize, clarify and realize the value of the innovator’s project idea by providing knowledge, capital and cost effective management through a successful exit.

PULS has expertise throughout the entire value chain, from R&D to commercialization. PULS’s business model is to engage with the innovator early on, so as to attain an optimal IP status and high quality development throughout the project.

  • The decision to initiate a project by forming a project company is formally taken by PULS’s board of directors, after a careful evaluation by PULS’s partners.
  • When a project is started, PULS forms a company together with the innovator or innovators. The innovators are provided with substantive equity from the start and have a seat on the project company’s board of directors. Prior to project initiation, the innovators and PULS agree on a project plan that includes time limits, a budget and an exit strategy.
  • PULS appoints a project leader/CEO for the portfolio company and provides project management, financing, accounting and administrative support. Innovators are required to take an active role, typically as medical and/or scientific experts.

Project criteria

PULS is interested in life science projects with a well-defined medical need, solid scientific evidence and an opportunity for exclusivity on the market.

Our main focus is pharmaceuticals, but we are also interested in e-health and drug-like medical technology. PULS’s preference is to get involved as the first investor.

To qualify as a PULS project an idea shall contain the following three basic criteria:

  • Medical benefit with significant potential and a clear business opportunity.
  • A strong IP position and patenting opportunity.
  • A clear project objective, reasonably defined in time and money.

We prefer to engage early on with innovators to found a legal entity, ensure an optimal IP strategy and secure a high-quality development process throughout the project. Our involvement in the project development is based on a proven business model securing return on investment.

More information

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