PULS’s board consists of extensive scientific, industrial, business, legal and financial experience and expertise.

Ragnar Lindqvist - Chairman

Partner at Mannheimer Swartling Lawfirm, member of the Swedish Bar Association. Chairman of the board in Mobilis Kapitalförvaltning AB, Innovum Invest AB, ISEC Industrial Security AB, Pyramid Communication AB, Henry och Gerda Dunkers Foundation, Henry och Gerda Dunkers Donationsfond nr 2, Henry Dunkers Förvaltnings AB, ARMEC Lindebergs Foundation, OV Helsingborg HK and P.U.L.S. AB. Board member in Trioplast Industrier AB, Crafoordska Foundation and Stig and Ragna Gorthons Foundation.

Jörgen Johnsson - Deputy Chairman

Former CEO of Pharmacia Consumer Healthcare worldwide, Senior Vice President of Pharmacia Corporation and member of Pharmacia’s Executive Management Group from 1995-2000. Founder of P.U.L.S. AB,  PULS partner and board member of Laccure AB. Innovator in multiple PULS project companies.

Marie Lidgard

Senior Partner Lavindia AB, a lawyer by training with extensive experience of the financial services industry. Her experience includes MD of the Swedish Investment Fund Association and Senior Vice President of Nordea Investment Management. Lidgard has also been involved with recruitment and worked for the Swedish Ministry of Industry, where she was responsible for recruiting board members to state owned companies. In recent years, Lidgard has been active as an investor and founder of a number of new enterprises, and is currently on the board of six companies and organizations.

Michael Oredsson

Degree in International Business Administration from Lund University in 1984. CEO of BioInvent International AB until the end of 2017 and currently Senior Advisor with Bioinvent and other life science companies. Michael was formerly CEO of Probi AB 2007-2013, Biosignal in Australia 2002-2007 and Nutripharma in Norway 1999-2001. Previously, he was responsible for starting up Pharmacia’s OTC division in Australia. Between 1985 and 1996 he held senior marketing positions at Nestlé, Mars Inc. and Pharmacia in Sweden, Germany and France. Michael is Chairman of the Board of Ectin AB and was previously Chairman of LIDDS AB and board member of SP in Sweden and EBCRC and Biosignal in Australia.

Olov Sterner

M.Sc, PhD, Professor in Organic Chemistry, Dean at Faculty of Science, Lund University. Major research fields are biologically active secondary metabolites and medicinal chemistry. Author or co-author of more than 330 publications in scientific journals, 20 patents/patent applications, and 5 text books in organic chemistry/chemical toxicology. PULS partner and board member of P.U.L.S. AB, Glactone Pharma AB, Respiratorius AB and Gabather AB. Innovator in multiple PULS project companies.

Karin Wingstrand

M.Sc., extensive senior experience of pharmaceutical research and development. Most recently as Global Head and Vice President Clinical Development within AstraZeneca and before that as Global Head and Vice President Pharmaceutical and Analytical R&D, AstraZeneca. Presently board member and advisor in life science. PULS partner and board member of Adenovir Pharma AB.