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    PULS turns life science projects into attractive business opportunities for the life science industry. Each project is based on a well-defined medical need. PULS secures long-term financing and world-class scientific and industrial expertise through joint ownership with innovators. Our track record validates all aspects of our business model – a model that serves both innovators and investors well. Try us!

    News from PULS

    29 September, 2016

    Oncorena secures MSEK 24 for clinical studies of metastasized kidney cancer

    Oncorena Holding AB today announces that the company through a new share issue has secured capital to conduct clinical studies of a completely new treatment principle for kidney cancer.

    29 September, 2016

    Framgångsrik nyemission i AcuCort

    AcuCort AB genomförde under augusti och september en företrädesemission omfattande 6 miljoner kronor som övertecknades. Emissionen genomfördes för att tillföra kapital till verksamheten och bredda ägandet inför en planerad notering under 2017.

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