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    PULS turns life science projects into attractive business opportunities for the life science industry. Each project is based on a well-defined medical need. PULS secures long-term financing and world-class scientific and industrial expertise through joint ownership with innovators. Our track record validates all aspects of our business model – a model that serves both innovators and investors well. Try us!

    News from PULS

    9 June, 2016

    Ragnar Lindqvist vald till ny styrelseordförande i PULS

    P.U.L.S. AB:s årsstämma hölls den 8 juni 2016. Stämman valde Ragnar Lindqvist till ny styrelseordförande och Jörgen Johnsson, Marie Lidgard, Olov Sterner samt Karin Wingstrand till styrelseledamöter.

    27 April, 2016

    Adenovir Pharma brings in MSEK 5.5 in preparation for the exit process

    Adenovir Pharma is pleased to announce that the company has performed a new share issue totaling MSEK 5.5 and that the company has started its exit process. The company develops a pharmaceutical against the contagious and serious eye infectious disease EKC (epidemic keratoconjunctivitis), caused by adenoviruses, that today lacks an effective treatment. The innovative drug […]

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